Jane: Editor-in-Chief, Founder

Jane lives with several chronic or invisible illnesses, including asthma, ADHD, IBS, and life-threatening allergies. When she’s not working on LWI or kissing Disney characters, she can be found volunteering with a local girls group, hanging out with her super cool mother, or her newly acquired husband – a darling man whom has been given the nickname “Mr. Sparkles” by her girl group. A man who has a name tag that says Mr. Sparkles. That he wears.



12270037_10156458617625556_815684294_nKimberly: Co-Founder, Writer

When Kimberly was little, she wanted to be a Chinese waitress, a French news anchor, and a bank teller. But like all little children who grow up to discover such shocking truths like her tongue sticks to car doors in the winter, glue isn’t a food group, and that the tooth fairy was just her mom being a super freak for hanging on to all of her baby teeth to creep her out on her wedding day, she realized that she was not Chinese, she couldn’t parle pas francais, and she was horrible at math.

So she pursued a career as a pediatric emergency nurse instead and she loved it. In 2003, she sustained a severe back injury by trying to save an unresponsive teenager’s life.

Today she is currently receiving care for her chronic pain and mental health. She may not be able to work at her dream job as a nurse anymore but she’s learned that there are other things, amazing things that she is capable of – writing.

And so she picked up a pen and write she did.

Kimberly was the first Canadian member to join the talented cast of the 2014 Listen To Your Mother Show: Metro Detroit. Her work can also be found in the book The Good Mother Myth: Redefining Motherhood to Fit Reality, Clash of The Couples, and Surviving Mental Illness Through Humor. She lives in Canada with her amazing husband, sassy pants seven year old son, fears spiders, public restrooms, and your mom’s cooking.

Because this owl looks like it takes as much attitude as Kam does... None!
Because this owl looks like it takes as much attitude as Kam does… None!

Kam: Collaborator

We’ve got a Kim and a Kam, whose name isn’t really Kam, but an acronym for Kick-Ass Mama. Kam is one of our collaborators, who isn’t a writer but has great ideas and insight. Mother to two grown brats who both have chronic and invisible illnesses, she also has several rare diseases that you cannot see, have never heard about, and even the doctors go “I have absolutely no idea what that is, but you have it… here! Have a specialist!” With over 20 years working in the medical field, and a life time of working with persons with both visible and invisible disabilities, she’s the walking idea generator and sounding board you all wish you had. (Can’t have her, she’s ours… nananana!)

Nikki: Director of all things pretty

Nikki is one of our sources for pictures, and the final say in whether our page is pretty enough for you fine folks. We’re still trying to figure out where to slot her pretty self in our team, but stay tuned for her debut. In the mean time, here’s Leonardo DiCaprio saying “You fine people” much better than we do. We would have played “Darling Nikki” buuuut its not on Prince’s Official YouTube channel, and we’re weird about not getting sued. Go figure.