5 Steps to Removing Glue From Your Hair!!!

We talk about hair a lot, and if you’ve ever seen mine, you know I’ve got a lot of it. EEG’s and other medical testing can leave you with all kinds of glue and gunk in your hair. We’ve got the 5 steps to removing it from your hair as painlessly as possible. And yes, I tested it.


The techs should remove most if not all of the glue before you leave – especially for a long-term EEG study. They will use a glue remover to break down the glue and comb it out – most of what you think is leftover glue is actually only dried conductivity goo and possibly tape residue (doesn’t mean it comes out easily!!)

  1. Comb /brush out any lose hair – if you have long hair, 3/4 of it will not have glue in it. We comb out the tangles here to make it easier later. We also suggest you gently comb your hair in hospital before they remove the electrodes.

    Wash and condition your hair. Be sure to massage the scalp BUT DON’T SCRATCH! It may itch, but your scalp is most likely irritated and may have blisters – you don’t want to cause cuts to form by scratching.


    Apply conditioner to your hair, focussing on the scalp and heavily glued areas. Apply as much as you can – we want the hair coated.


    Using a medium tooth comb, begin combing out your hair in sections. Remember to comb the bottom, and work your way up. If you hit a tangle or glue grouping DO NOT yank or pull your hair with the comb, gently comb it out. Apply extra conditioner if the glue does not slide out


    Rinse and repeat. Wash out all the loose bits and hair, and reapply conditioner – this time use a finer toothed comb.


    This should remove all (or almost all) residual glue AND other dried product in your hair (like the conductivity goo etc.)


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