6 Tips To Keeping Warm When You Have A Cold Sensitivity

Winter is awesome!

Said no one with a cold sensitivity ever.


Winter can be quite the battle for a lot of people with chronic illnesses, especially those with Raynaud’s disease, Fibromyalgia, LupusChronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Hypothyroidism.

Cold weather also triggers flares in numerous other illnesses which is why it is important that we protect ourselves from the elements.

Here are some helpful tips:

1. Check the weather 

This may seem silly but this will help you to prepare on how to dress. Some people actually have both a heat sensitivity and a cold sensitivity. If you dress too warmly you can trigger a heat sensitivity. Most smartphones have built in weather apps  so that you can check the weather before you’re almost ready to go because we all know about the weatherman and his forecast:


2. Layer Up

Wearing layers of loose fitting clothing will help trap heat and keep you warm.  Long sleeved thermal tops and bottoms work really well in the winter and can be bought at your local retail stores as a set for really cheap.

Gloves and mittens – It seems very obvious that you would wear these. There are a lot of options out there for you as far as gloves and mittens go. I (Kimberly – I have Raynaud’s) prefer to use thick mittens. It seems to trap in the heat much better than gloves do and I can also tuck in a small warmer.


Warmers by the way, are a fantastic thing. They can be bought at your local retail stores, local pharmacies, and even at dollar stores. You can even get them for your shoes.

Toques/Hat/Earmuffs – heat escapes from your head and on cold blustery windy days, wearing a toque is a must. You have to protect your noggin and those ears!

Scarf – That winter wind is relentless and you’ll want to protect your neck and face.

Winter Boots – I’m talking real winter boots with real insulation and that are waterproof.

Winter Coat – Now some of you are thinking, “Sweet mother of fashion hell, what do you have to say about the coat?” Well trust me when I say that the longer the coat, the better! You need to keep your core warm. Fashion is awesome but so is being warm and healthy. You can be trendy in a long coat.

Check him out:



He looks umm…cute?

But warm!

3. Dressing at least 10 minutes before going outside

Warm up your coat, toque, scarf, and mittens on your self.  Some times I put my mittens and socks on the vent for a few minutes to get warm before putting them on. Get extra toasty before heading out the door.

4. Warm up your car before you leave home

This is a good habit to start doing! Not only does it provide you with a warm ride, if you have frost on your windshield, it’s likely melted by the time you go out to leave. Kill two birds with one stone! If you have a remote starter or can invest in one, even better!

5. Drink hot beverages/bring hot beverages with you

I drink tea and bring a thermos of hot tea with me. This does two things: it warms me up when I drink it and I can hold the warm thermos in my hands.

Things like soup, coffee, hot chocolate, etc. also great to keep you warm.

6. Keep your environment warm by bringing a blanket, slippers, and extra sweater with you

Where ever you are going, it’s always good to take a blanket, slippers, and an extra sweater with you. Some people may not keep their homes as quite as warm as you do or maybe your work office is kept at a sub-zero temperature.


Don’t be afraid to pull out a blanket!

Hopefully these tips can help you as you venture out in the winter.

So tell us, how do you keep warm?



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