5 Things In Your House That Could Be Making You Sick

These things may not be causing your core illness – but it may be making it worse, or causing minor ailments that are horribly inconvenient. We’re talking about:

  1. Mold – We look for black mold, but are you checking all the placed you should? what other kinds of mold should you be looking for?
  2. Fridge – How often do you wash your fridge out? When food goes moldy or goes bad, how is that affecting your other food?
  3. Drinking Water – Your tap water may be safe, but does it have a high level of a mineral that affects your medications? do you have a sensitivity to one of the minerals? Do you regularly wash your in-fridge filtration system and check for mold?
  4. Expiry dates – Are you following them properly, and on the right products?
  5. Bulk items – Are your bulk items becoming contaminated?

We’ve got all that covered, with more tips and lots of details in our video below:



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