7 Ways to Fight Exhaustion

Whether you have a chronic illness or not, tiredness or exhaustion is something we all face. We talked before about ways to fight exhaustion, but here are a few more tips for those of you who need a bit more help.


Ginseng is a common ingredient in energy drinks and energy boosters. It can be made into tea, and is often available as a supplement. In a 2009 study, researchers found that ginseng could be used to help manage  cancer-related fatigue.


Some people argue that exercising will help raise your energy levels. While that is true for most people, people take anti-depressants and other medications have such high levels of exhaustion that exercising is difficult to achieve. Yoga or pilates are an excellent replacement to a high-energy or strenuous workout. When done in the morning, they can help you center yourself and energize, and at night they can relax you and help you to sleep better.

Check out this pilates program by Gaia. It’s specially formatted for morning and nighttime workouts. (I totally own this DVD and love it!)


Sometimes reduce your tiredness is as simple as switch medications to nighttime. Even over the counter prescriptions like allergy medication (even the non-drowsy) can affect your body. Remember to talk to your doctor before changing your medications in any way.


Starting your day with a multi-vitamin can often give you a significant boost in your overall health and feeling. Talk to your doctor, and ask them to do a blood panel. In some cases, the cause of your tiredness is  due to an unbalance in your blood. Iron supplements, B-12 shots, and Vitamin D drops or lozenges are just some of the simple solutions to a body’s deficiency. (*remember to talk to your doctor or pharmacist before starting anything – even a multi-vitamin in case it conflicts with your other medication).


As simple as light sounds, adding meditation or calming time in the morning/night with a lightbox, or salt lamp can give you an energy, and a mood boost. These lights are often used in the treatment of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or with depression. Salt rock lamps also play in many holistic healing regimes.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

We’re not being condescending here! A lot of the time our tiredness requires a sleep adjustment. As we grow and our bodies change our sleep requirements do as well. We may need to sleep longer, or adjust our routine to make sure we are hitting the right sleep cycles.

download (2)


We’ve talked about it before, but hydrating (aka drinking enough water, not just coffee!) is an important part of staying healthy. Drinking the right amount of water can also help you stay balanced and keep your energy levels up.



What are your tips for kicking exhaustion’s butt? Let us know in the comments!

*We did not receive any compensation to mention these products, nor can we guarantee them in any way.

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