Water: Are You Drinking To Your Health?

Winter can get the best of our healthy intentions. With its gloomy atmosphere and frigid temperatures, it is very easy to give up on any sort of exercise and fall back into unhealthy routines. Right now, I’d much rather park myself in front of the T.V with a bag of licorice instead of chiselling my way through an inch worth of ice on the car and then driving to the mall to walk around the halls.

99.5% of the time I choose you junk food.

choose you food

Being healthy isn’t just about exercise though. Did you know that one of the simplest ways to becoming a healthier you is by drinking water.

Yes, water.

About 70% of your body is water and every part of your body from your skin to your brain relies on adequate hydration to function.

Did you know that water:

  1. Sends nutrients to your brain
  2. It regulates body temperature sweating
  3. Aids in digestion — think of the medications we take that have the added side effects of constipation. Water helps ease the “backed up plumbing”. 
  4. It keeps skin clear and healthy
  5. It cushions and lubricates bones and joints
  6. It maintains muscle tone arnoldcats
  7. It metabolizes fat
  8. It lubricates organs
  9. It transports nutrients throughout the entire body
  10. And it removes toxins and wastes

It is recommended that we drink 8 to 12 glasses of water a day which may seem like a lot but throughout the day our bodies are constantly excreting water through sweat, urine and by simply breathing.

Staying hydrated is vital for our well-being, and this is particularly important for those of us with chronic or invisible illnesses, because there is a higher risk for dehydration which can become very dangerous.

So how can we keep drinking those seemingly never ending glasses of water every day?


1. Drink a beverage with every meal – it doesn’t have to be water but make it a healthy (non-caffeinated) one.

2. Buy a water bottle and no, it doesn’t have to be a super fancy high end model -Unless the water was collected from a mountain top and was blessed by Tibetan Monks and personally flown to your doorstep, we all know you’re drinking tap water. If the bottle holds enough water to last you to lunch, has a lid, doesn’t leak when you tip it, the price is right.

3. Jazz up your water – some people don’t care for the taste of water. Let’s be honest, it’s boring. Why not throw in some fruit? Lemons, mint, strawberries, cucumbers, oranges, lime, etc. Get creative — but also be careful if you are taking medications! Certain recipe concoctions that you may come across online are meant to act as a diuretic/weight loss aid and certain fruits can interact with medications. glassfruit

4. Eat it! – Chomp on some crushed ice or better yet, make a homemade popsicle! There are lots of delicious and healthy recipes online including these raspberry lime ice pops! Also eating foods that are high in water content such as watermelon, cucumbers, lettuce, celery, zucchini, radish, and tomato are good way to get more water and more nutrients!

5. Challenge yourself – If you’re still finding it hard to keep on track or to simply stay motivated, why not make this into a challenge? At the beginning of the week, set a small attainable goal. Remember you’re just starting out so be easy on yourself! So for the first week, maybe at every meal you will try to replace a caffeinated beverage with a glass of water.  At the end of the week if you have accomplished your goal, reward yourself with something awesome. bacon

Ok…well maybe reward yourself in moderation…

Water is very beneficial to our overall well-being.

If you give this a try, let us know how it goes!



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