‘Tis the Season: 5 Easy and Last-Minute Holiday Decor Ideas

We’ve talked about how holiday seasons can be tiring. Decorating is a big one that can really knock you out! Most of the time, we may just decide to abandon decorating, but that can be depressing and bring your holiday vibes down. For some of us, we’re here on December 23rd, frantically trying to figure out how to decorate for a holiday party. Here are 10 easy ways to decorate for the season.

  1. Christmas Balls and Jars.

    Awesome display from shescraftycrafty.com

    So easy! Check out this awesome display by ShesCrafty, and the tutorial on how to use light bulbs and glitter!

  2. Lights. Lots of lights, they always invoke the holiday spirit. Even better, they wrap around items easy, and can look just as fabulous draped over something. It might surprise you how great a strand of lights can look on its own.
  3. Greeting Cards!
    Click on the picture to see lots of ideas on how to display your cards!

    You can line them up on sideboards, mantles etc. Pin them to the wall or use a card holder. Odds are you have a lot, and they make beautiful decor

  4. Simple. Pick one item, and center it for a modern- looking room
  5. Religious. Advent Wreath, Menorah, etc. Let the spirit of the occasion speak for itself.

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