‘Tis the Season: 9 holiday tips to stay healthy

The holiday season is here and that means…EXHAUSTION! The holidays are tiring for most people but they can wreak havoc on a person with a chronic or invisible illness. From all the delicious treats that stray from your controlled diet, to the long get-togethers that cut into your sleep, it can be hard to keep your illness in check. Here are our holiday tips to try and keep yourself healthy:

1. Eat Properly.

Holidays are full or changes to diet, especially goodies that maybe aren’t so good for you. Balance that out by ensuring that at least two of your meals are the same standard you are used to. Also, do not skip meals. It can be tempting to skip out on lunch so you can enjoy more of Aunt Bertie’s Famous Cranberry Vodka Stuffing, but a much better choice is a light lunch instead of skipping. (PS we don’t think that stuffing recipe exists, but if you find one, we totally want it!)

2. Sleep.


Make sure you are getting enough sleep, and that you don’t stray too far from  your usual sleep schedule. Add naps to the day if you need to!

3. “Down Days”

Schedule days, or even half a day in between important events. Use this time to veg out and watch a holiday special, or take a nap. This is not the time to cook or clean or do work (unless those things relax you and help you re energize).

4. Watch the Booze

Holidays are the time to eat, drink, and be merry. Be careful, alcohol will affect the efficiency of many prescription (and none prescription) medications. A quick call to your pharmacist will clear up if you can sip the wine with Aunt Belle, taste-test your mother’s spiced eggnog, or get drunk in the basement with Uncle Bert.

5. Minimize the Meal

There’s nothing wrong with cancelling that 7 course dinner you host, and replacing it with a wine and cheese, or a cocktail party (as long as you warn people that the menu has changed).

6. Share the work


There’s nothing wrong with sharing some of the work with friends. Check out our easy Cookie Swap party!

7. Minimize decor.


Decorating can be exhausting. Minimize the decor and minimize the work. Another good option,  if you have neighbors or relatives who are preteens/teens, many would sacrifice a couple hours to make $20 and help you decorate.

8. Hire other people

Just like you can hire someone to help you decorate, you can hire someone to shovel your driveway, clean the house, and even cook.

9. Minimize the cooking


Take some time before the holidays are full swing to prep items that can be frozen. Or visit your local bakery and buy your bread instead of baking.  Deli’s can also be a great source for appetizers, and pre-made entrees that just need a little oven lovin.’


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