Cooking With Chronic Illness: 5 Simple Recipes For Leftover Turkey




Now that Thanksgiving is over, you probably have a good portion of leftover turkey in your fridge. Instead of making enough turkey sandwiches to last you until Christmas, why not turn them into delicious next-day dishes.

And yes, we know that some of you chronic illness warriors may have cooked Thanksgiving dinner yourselves and may have already collapsed in pile of pain and exhaustion.

We salute you amazing cookers and bakers – the last thing you probably want to do is cook anything else right?

Don’t worry, we have found some super simple recipes.

These are also good for those of you who were given leftovers from gracious hosts.

Cooking with a chronic illness is most definitely challenging but when you have food that is already pre-cooked, it makes our life a bit easier!

Check out these 5 tasty recipes. We hope that you like them.


1.    Leftover Turkey Noodle Soup from Ready Set Eat – This super simple recipe only has 7 ingredients and takes only 30 minutes to make!

2.  Slow Cooker Turkey Casserole from The Creek Line House – What we love about this dish is that the woman who came up with the recipe just basically threw all the ingredients in a slowcooker and walked away. That means we get to rest! All it takes is 3 minutes to prepare and 6 to 8 hours of cooking time in the slow cooker. It looks so yummy. Hey, it’s been pinned on pinterest over 2500 times!

3.  Easy Turkey Pot Pie from Sugar n’ Spice Gals – Don’t get intimidated by the title of Pot Pie. The crust is made using ready made shells. They also cut down the cooking time by using frozen vegetables instead of fresh but you may already have leftover vegetables on hand from your thanksgiving dinner. Total cooking time for this recipe is only 40 minutes! Definitely worth a try.

4. Turkey Tetrazzini from Thirty Handmade Days – Who knew that spaghetti noodles and turkey could marry together so nicely. This 9 ingredient meal (plus seasonings to taste) is a perfect dish for cold fall evenings. Oh and there’s cheese involved.

5. Crockpot Turkey Chili Recipe from Passion For Savings – Who doesn’t love a good chili in the fall? This is another one of those great recipes where you just throw in all the ingredients (and there are only 6 — none of which need any preparation) and let the crockpot do it’s magic.




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