7 Must-See Thanksgiving Flicks

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

If you’re travelling this weekend, this might not be a good movie to watch (especially if you have travel – related anxiety) but it may be just the thing you need to laugh off the little mishaps of your trip. Afterall, anything is better than what happens to Neal Page.


First time your significant other has met the family? Having trouble breaking the ice? This movie will remind the whole family that sometimes, if you give them a chance, you might just like the potential future in-law.

National Lampoon’s Holiday Reunion

What holiday isn’t complete without a National Lampoon flick?

Jack and Jill

While not entirely about Thanksgiving, it is the launching point for this hilarious family film, that shows you what family is all about. It might also make you super glad you don’t have a womb-mate.

Addams Family Values

By far our favourite family to spend the holidays with. We especially love how Wednesday stands up to the white-washing of the European invasion of North America. As much as we all hated Amanda, you can’t help but love Merceds McNab as Harmony Kendall in Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Home For The Holidays

A family classic. It’s true, “No matter how difficult things are, there’s one place you can always go that’s worse.” Here’s hoping your family is a reprieve, and not a trial. Thank you Jodie Foster.

Miracle On 34th Street

Both a Thanksgiving and Christmas classic, you could watch it everyday in between and it would still be suitable.

And even better, there’s two!

What’s your favourite holiday flick?

Written by Jane



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