Top 10 Fight Songs

Music can be very therapeutic. It can set your heart aflame and give you that little extra bit of OOMPH that you need to get through the day (or maybe just through a single task).

1 Drag Me Down by One Direction

Who do your fight for? You children, your family, your lover – whoever it is, sometimes fighting for ourselves isn’t enough, we need someone else to fight for.

2 Fighter by Christina Aguilera

People inspire us to fight, and sometimes its not FOR them, but rather in spite of them and their negativity.

3 You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me by Cher

One of the many divine goddesses of music, she shows us over and over again that when people think we done, and gone – we can still come back kicking.

4 Let It Go sung by Demi Lovato

If you have kids, you’ve heard this song. Disney released another version by Demi at the same time as the film – if you want to shake it up a bit this version is a bit harder, more rock that the orchestral with Idina Menzel. Also, the lyrics take a slight twist around.

And just because we love both these ladies so much :

5 Something to Sing About, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Did anyone else totally geek out when Joss Whedon and the Scooby Gang did the musical episode of Buffy? We recommend watching it if you haven’t, and in fact you should watch at least the season before to get why the music in this episode is so moving. Sometimes a fight song just needs to let the anger and frustration out. Buffy’s revelations in this episode and the others in this season are totally relatable for those who’ve lived through depression or worse – the stages where you feel nothing at all.

6 Stronger by Kelly Clarkson

This song is obviously about getting over an ex, but can totally help you get over lost friends, horrible doctors, sucky coworkers or anything else life throws at you.

Except lemons. Only cure for lemons is lemonade.

7 Watch Me Shine by Joanna Pacitti

This song totally hit us all during Legally Blonde. You couldn’t watch the scene with this song and NOT want Elle to kick all their butts. Rough day? Say to yourself “I’ll show you how valuable *insert name* can be.” Throw this song in the player and GO!

Listen to the full song here :

8 Stronger by Britney Spears

Because really, a song called Stronger is bound to motivate you

9 Strong by Michelle Wright

Sound like your life? “Fighting Through The Scared And The Tired…” like hello! #ourlives #mindreader

10 Fight Song by Rachel Plattern

What list of fight songs would be complete without the titular “Fight Song.” This one may start slow, but boy does it deliver!

“This is my fight song
Take back my life song
Prove I’m alright song
My power’s turned on
Starting right now I’ll be strong
I’ll play my fight song”


You can listen to our top 10 songs all together by checking our our YouTube playlist !

Written by Jane 



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