5 Natural Remedies for Nausea

Cruising Facebook today, we had a reader share that tonight it was crackers for dinner while they adjusted to medication! A horrible side-effect of so many medications, it can be hard to handle.

While the first thought is to take an antacid or other product, be careful, because some medications will lose their effectiveness or become altered by doing do! Always ask your pharmacist if you can combine things with your medication – even something as simple as a tums.

For those of you living with nausea on a regular basis, here are my five favourite ways to calm down a wild stomach.

  1. Ginger ale. Some people also like sprite. This is most commonly given to children with the flu by mums (at least mine did!). Unfortunately, the high amount of sugar means that if you have daily nausea, it might not be the best solution
  2. Gravol. Gravol is lovely! Be careful – it can clash with a large number of medications. Luckily they have an all natural version which is a lozenge made from ginger… bit of an odd taste to start, but they work quite well. (Also good for those of you who sick up the Gravol tablets before they can work!)
  3. Crackers and toast. Some say eat crackers or dry toast – resident expert Kam suggests you eat one salted top cracker very slowly… should take you ten minutes (what?!). This is a trial and error one. You will most likely find though, that in some cases bread can work without being toasted, but sometimes it’s a bit too yeasty.
  4. Stomach massage. Sometimes rubbing circles on your stomach can relax it. Remember, we mean your REAL stomach, not the mid-section full of intestines.
  5. Ginger tea. Simply grate ginger root into a tea pot and add hot water. You can flavour with honey, lemon or brown sugar. If you don’t have a grater, small slices will work just as well. You can also make it one cup at a time using a tea-strainer.

Written by Jane

**all products listed are by personal choice and we are not financially compensated to mention them.

Do you have a method for relieving nausea? Share it in the comments below!



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