4 Reasons Why Syrian Refugees Should Be Welcomed With Open Arms

This fabulous article is courtesy of a Miss Leslie. Friend of LWI, her status was making the rounds of Facebook, when she allowed us to repost it here. 

“I wish people would do a little research about refugees before complaining about how many Canada plans to bring in. I don’t care what you opinion is, but base it on fact not internet rumors.
Refugees are people too. Are you going to blame them for being born into a terrible situation that Western countries helped create?

1) Refugees only receive assistance for one year. So no, they don’t receive a higher “pension” every year than veterans as I’ve seen posted. And this assistance is a one time housing support and monthly allowances based on the social assistance provided in that province, so no they aren’t being given more than other Canadians. Source!

2) Most refugees are now privately sponsored in Canada. Meaning it is not the government providing this support although the government is still fully screening these refugees. Source!

3) If these refugees have somewhere else they can go including: another citizenship than of the country they are fleeing and an offer to resettle somewhere else, they cannot be admitted to settle in Canada. And if they choose to return to their home country or the threat is no longer there, again they cannot be admitted. So no, they will not be flying back and forth from Canada and Syria.  Surprise! Source! 

4) There are 3 stages of screening by not only the 3 Canadian agencies involved (RCMP, CSIS and CBSA) but also the UN. Secondly, these refugees include those having attempted to leave at the beginning of the war several years ago who are already known to these agencies as low-risk. Source

Leslie did a fabulous job researching her sources, and apologized in her original post as only three out of four sites were government, and the explanation of screening came from the CTV article. This is just one of the many posts that are circulating the internet in regards to the rising hostility to the Syrian Refugees (and refugees in general) and fear of refugees. Many posts are starting to reveal the misguided of this hatred and fear.

The hearts of the LWI staff are with those who were injured or killed in France and their families, as well as those in Beirut and all the other places that have suffered from violence lately.

We hope that sharing pieces like Leslie’s will encourage you to reach beyond your fear and reach out a helping hand.



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