Top 5 Ways to Save Money and Stress on Fabulous Nails!

A lot of people will argue that if you look good on the outside and take care of yourself, you’ll feel better. We won’t try to lie and tell you that looking good cures all, but it can give you a bit of a confidence boost and make you feel a bit better about yourself and help you face the day.

Nails are a key indicator in self-care. But the time, costs, and effort that goes into them can be dreadful. Maybe your hands don’t work as well as nail polish would like them to, maybe it’s your wallet holding you hostage. Here’s our top 5 ways to get great nails without breaking the bank, or stressing yourself too much.

What an awesome-looking colour!
  1. Find a manicurist or esthetician who you are comfortable with. You need to be able to tell them “Hey cuts are a BIG deal, I don’t clot” or “I’m allergic to that item” or just be able to chat with them. If you aren’t comfortable, the relax time just becomes stress-time.
  2. Girls Night. Find a gal-pal who loves to paint nails, and ask her to come by for a ladies night. I bet she’d love to give your hands a hand. (We totally rec’ Sally Hansen. Their nail polishes are great for strengthening weak nails). 
  3. Spas vs. Salons. Nail salons are great, but can get crowded and tend to have a strong scent attached. Spas generally offer a more private area for services, and often have great deals – why not throw a back massage in with that mani-pedi. Back to number one, if you find an esthetician you are comfortable with, you might not need to switch to do other services, like you would with a nail-technician. 

    With details like this, I wouldn’t deny if someone said I did it myself! I mean… I applied it right?
  4. Products like Jamberry  offer full-nail decals that last for a very long time and can handle rough-handling. If you can find a local seller, you can get a lesson in how to apply, and you might even be able to negotiate a regular application for those of you whose hands don’t work as well as they need to.
  5. Freelancers. It can be great to get out to the spa or salon, but what if crowds are not your thing? Check out the yellow pages, community bulletin boards and online places like Kijiji and Facebook to find a nail-tech or esthetician who works under their own name and not a specific shop. Usually they are more willing to do home – visits. Just be sure to look for reviews or ask around to see how good they are.


***Disclaimer. We did not receive any items, prompts or financial compensation from Jamberry or Sally Hansen to mention their products – we just like them 🙂


Written by Jane


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