Zero Waste and A Chronic Condition

One of the latest trends in environmental stewardship is “Zero-Waste.” Springing from the “Reduce” and “Reuse” parts of recycling (reduce, reuse recycle) this lifestyle focuses on creating the least amount  of garbage or recycling possible. For example, using a bamboo toothbrush where the head can be replace and is biodegradable or bringing your own containers to deli’s, bulk stores etc. Living with a chronic illness, there is often additional waste from medical supplies. Here are some ways you can adopt a zero-waste (or at least one of the three R’s) into your medical lifestyle.

1) Ask your pharmacy if they recycle pill bottles. While they can’t reuse them, they can shred them to make new bottles. Just be sure to remove the label, and don’t leave any medication inside. There are also an amazing number of crafts that can be made with these bottles (when they’ve been washed properly!) If you know a teacher or someone who works with children they may have use of it, they may want to make some of this adorable little snowmen.
Great craft from Crafting A Green World! We love their ideas!


Or you can redecorate your house with awesome items like this chandelier:


What a unique idea! With the right kind of paint you could change the colours and have coloured lights shining down!


2) Washable briefs. Incontinence happens, and by using washable briefs instead of disposable you can reduce your garbage output.

3) Crutches, canes, walking devices. All of these can be reused, but what do you do when you don’t need them anymore? All of these can be donated for reuse. If they are no longer good for use, many can be refurbished, for example this crutch shelf:

Beautifully crafted shelf! We love the natural wood look!


4) Girl Guide/ Girl Scouts loooove to make hat crafts! In the old days, film canisters were a great asset to a craft box, however in this digital age those have become scarce! Enter the blood sugar testing strips for diabetes. Many of those come in containers that resemble film canisters. Your local group may be interested in acquiring your empty containers.

Do you have other ideas for reusable medical stuff?

Written by Jane



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