8 Causes of “Bridezilla”

Bridezilla. A popular archetype in the movies, it always provides a laugh to audience. And the audience at a wedding? How many times have you heard a disgruntled bridesmaid whisper “bridezilla” when a bride is being particularly… well particular about what they want.

We’ve all met one, or been one. But was your bride really being a self-indulgent, spoilt brat? Or was your bride simply treating the wedding with the same level of perfection they sought in real life. Here are the top 7 reasons why your “Bridezilla” may be less spoilt than you thought.

  1. OCD
  2. Anxiety
  3. ADHD – while this disorder most often causes easy distraction, it also contains a component of “obsessiveness” or a workaholic tendencies that can slide into wedding planning.
  4. Mania – Mania can be caused by disorders like Bipolar Disorder, or can appear as a side effect of certain medications.
  5. Mood disorders – mania can be a side effect of a mood disorder like bipolar, but there are other side affects that the stress of wedding planning can bring out of someone living with a mood disorder.
  6. Panic Disorders – this is similar to anxiety, but its symptoms go far beyond. Brides or bridegrooms with anxiety may find themselves escalated to panic disorder when handling situations like weddings
  7. Type A personality – Your bride may not have a specific disorder, but she may have a Type A personality, and she may find it hard to “reign in” her need to control the things around her.
  8. The groom has one of the above, and the bride is simply keeping the peace – she does have to spend the rest of her life with him.

When dealing with a “bridezilla” take a look at her life before the wedding. If you’re bride is suddenly changing her personality then perhaps an intervention may be needed – but if you know your bride really well you should know if she’s just slightly amplified her typical reactions to a stressful situation.

What other disorders affected your wedding planning? Tell us in the comments below!

Written by Jane


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